REVIEW | Lucy Mair: Naive

Fresh on the British music scene, we have up and coming Oxford singer-songwriter Lucy Mair, who is seeking to make a name for herself with her debut EP – Naive.

I Will Wait grabs the attention of the listener quickly with a warm folk melody, in addition to a showcase of stunning harmonies, whilst the lead single The Fool brings us a catchy rhythm. The Sixties certainly stands out as the highlight, being an astounding anthem with amazing writing and enchanting piano work.

Lucy then follows up with the great It’ll Take More Than You which is accompanied by a simple yet effective lone riff, before finishing on Left Behind; featuring nothing more than a basic drum beat, she takes full control with her captivating vocals one last time.

Being a wonderful collection of charming, acoustic pop tracks, this young artist’s first effort is a strong one, and we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before her full potential is realised.


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