REVIEW | The Deadline Shakes: Zealots

For weeks on end, we’ve been hearing countless good things about Glaswegian pop rock band The Deadline Shakes and their upcoming debut album, Zealots. So naturally, once a copy ended up in our possession, we were keen to experience it for ourselves.

A mild intro lends way to a glorious, bombastic opener in the form of Bright Spot In A Bad Year; quickly leading into Shelters which features excellent guitar work as well as an addictive swaying rhythm.

Slipping From Your Heart is a warm folk number where the acoustics truly shine, whilst a catchy drum beat is the stand out characteristic of You Bring The Class.

In addition to neat mandolin riffs, an engrossing atmosphere is notable in the passionate Frozen Out, and Sweeten The Deal is a real fast-paced toe-tapper.

Starting slow and steady, the riveting Phonecalls In The Bath picks up for an exciting latter half with enjoyable lyrics; a theme that continues into undoubtedly the highlight of the album – A Little Waiting While – which brings us a memorable chorus that lingers in the head even long after at it’s done.

An intoxicating melody embodies Don’t You Be Too Cool, before the band at last bring the record to a close with the thrilling Boy.

The Deadline Shakes have provided something simply amazing with Zealots, with it being one of those awfully rare compilations where each and every single one of the robust tracks is bursting with creativity and bringing their own individual qualities to the table.

Accomplishing that, this band have proved themselves to be a force to be reckoned with. Nowhere else but onward and upwards for these chaps.

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