REVIEW | Cherri Fosphate: We Didn’t Come Here To Say Goodbye

At the launch night of St Lukes back in September, we were introduced to Glasgow rock outfit Cherri Fosphate, who made quite a good first impression. In our review of the show, we considering purchasing their debut album once it was released.

Now that time has come, We Didn’t Come Here To Say Goodbye is out, we’ve listened to it and we are ready to share our opinions.

The record brings us a first-rate assortment of songs with lively exuberant melodies and engaging lyrical work, with the highlights including the memorable Neighbour, the fast-paced Pretend and Auf Wiedersehen.

Slick riffs are prominent in tunes such as WoolLosing Teeth and the upbeat Kerry Rodgers, whilst the likes of the groovy Sea Foam Green, the bass-heavy Lady Aniseed and Monster present stand out rhythm sections; the latter in particular featuring a simple yet catchy hook.

Ending on the temperate Didn’t See You, Cherri Fosphate’s inaugural full-length album is a splendid listening affair that any indie music fan is sure to get a kick out of. Just one example of the quality talent brought to us courtesy of the acclaimed Bloc Music label.


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