REVIEW | Dream State: Consequences

Today we turn our attention to the Welsh music scene, and more specifically a band by the name of Dream State. We’ve heard good things about the post-hardcore quintet now and again, but it wasn’t until recently that we took the plunge and finally checked them out via their debut EP, Consequences, and man were we blown away by the results.

It was the case from the very get-go, as Burden impressed with a catchy, potent rhythm and some mighty assertive harmonies; qualities that continue into Burn Them Down where we bear witness to emphatic choruses.

The tempo drops a touch for Try Again, a tune in which the striking lyrics are brought to the forefront, before kicking back up for the fittingly titled Relentless that is highlighted by a galloping, frenzied melody.

But boy oh boy, they sure save the best for last: the lead single Rebuild, Recreate. Easing in with gentle acoustic chords, they swiftly fire into a blistering number fueled by a ferocious energy that only amplifies whilst the pace accelerates and builds towards an explosive finale.

Immense is the best way to describe this EP. Dream State’s debut record is hands down one of the best to come out of Wales all year; forceful, thrilling and only sounding better with each countless listen.

It took very little effort for us to get hooked, and we’re already holding out for them to head on up and play Glasgow as soon as possible. Meanwhile, if any record companies are looking for a young, red-hot metal act with unlimited potential to sign up, then look no further.


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