REVIEW | Northern Nightlights: We’re Not Alone

Back in February of 2014, in attendance at an Ivory Blacks gig, we were introduced to pop punk band Northern Nightlights. Our first impressions were solid; they seemed pretty talented and we thought they had some decent potential.

But since then, they’ve impressed us time and time again, and have grown into one of the Glasgow music scene’s best kept secrets, exceeding beyond our expectations on a regular basis. And now it all comes to a head with the release of their new EP – We’re Not Alone.

Shout serves as a fast and furious opener, where the strong dual-vocals courtesy of Paul and Andy make for an ideal combo, whilst the lead single Where’s The Slam Tent, Mate is a bouncy rocking number with enjoyable lyrics.

Start Runnin’ is a high-octane tune with an addictive, galloping rhythm that pushes the drummer to his very limits, but they save the best for last with the dynamic Braindead: a memorable chorus, cracking riffs and a simple yet effective breakdown for good measure are all accounted for here.

To describe this record, we must quote Tuco from Breaking Bad: tight, tight, tight! But in all seriousness, this is a pretty damn good EP, where each of the entertaining tracks bring their own individual qualities that make them stand out from each other.

The band have stepped it up to a whole ‘nother level here, and at a time where Scottish pop punk is pretty uncertain – especially with the likes of Picnic Basket Nosedive and Yeah Detroit calling it a day – Northern Nightlights will surely be at the forefront of the genre’s next revolution in this country. Mark our words.

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