REVIEW | The Van T’s: Laguna Babe

It’s not often we are treated to 2 records within the same year from a band we love, but a mere 6 months after their previous release, The Van T’s have brought out another EP titled Laguna Babe.

The opening title track – enveloped in a vintage, new wave sound – brings us swift, toe-tapping verses that transition into smoother choruses. Afterwards, we have the classic Growler which is notable for it’s great, memorable writing.

An addictive, fast-paced melody is the stand out aspect of Feel Touch Feel, whilst Another Sun is a delightful tune that features luscious guitar work.

The twins’ streak of excellency remains unbroken, as their third offering brings us more of the high-quality grunge numbers we’ve come to expect from them. With a trio of consistently good records and a batch of major festival appearances and support slots as of late, the sisters continue to ride a tidal wave of momentum that is certain to take them to whole new heights sooner than later.

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