REVIEW | Altered Sky: Without Wonderland

In the past 5 years, Glasgow’s own Altered Sky have developed into one of the finest pop rock outfits in all of Scotland. Already under their belt so far are 2 well-received EPs, a variety of tours across the country and plenty of radio airplay; some of it thanks to Kerrang’s Johnny Doom, undoubtedly their biggest supporter.

But now, the band step up to their greatest challenge to date – their first ever full-length album: Without Wonderland. Did they succeed?

Well, that is apparent from the get go with the opening track This War Is Mine, where frontwoman Ana continues to stand out as one of the country’s elite vocalists with powerful, pitch-perfect harmonies; a fact further evident in Imagine Adventure, a captivating emotionally-fueled piece that also displays her really fine piano talents.

But for sure the highlight of the record has to be the bass-driven Stupid In The Dark which showcases their most creative writing to date, being chock full of memorable lyrics that stick around in the head even long after it’s over.

Throughout, they bring us an array of upbeat numbers featuring bouncy melodies that escalate at the choruses, courtesy of exciting riffs and catchy drumming, including the likes of Bury It AllWaves and Livewire. They were even nice enough to thrown in a few old fan-favourites, such as the bubbly Apple Tree and the highly impassioned Live For It.

As they cap off with the energetic White Witch, we can conclude that Altered Sky’s debut album is simply fantastic, being a collection of entertaining tunes that not only exhibit the consistent evolution of their craft, but also prove that they are more than certainly here to stay.

It’s only a matter of time before these guys get their big break, and considering the dedicated fanbase they have achieved as of late, it’s hard to deny how much they deserve it.

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