REVIEW | Canal Capitale: Stunner Of The Month

It was a year and a day ago that we discovered a band by the name of Canal Capitale. Within the space of 30 minutes, on the toasty stage of Bloc, the rock quartet quickly made us fans through their energetic live performance.

And after much waiting, the guys have finally released their inaugural EP by the name of Stunner Of The Month.

Lewis Newton is a snappy opener with a slick display of stimulating riffs, quickly leading into Excuse Me which features a hell of a dynamic melody that gradually settles by the end.

But suddenly, they fire back up with Shoot The Breeze, a number chock-full of swift drum work, which soon brings us to quite the climax courtesy of Perfect, Cheers Magic, Thanks; kicking off at a steady pace, the tune calms down for a tepid mid-section, before capping off with a high-octane finale.

Nothing short of an immense debut, in fact one of the best we’ve heard all year. A thrilling record in every sense of the word with an insane mixture of elements that characterise post-hardcore, power pop and math rock. These guys are surely going places.

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