REVIEW | Atlas Empire: The Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet Part 1 – For The Satellites

It’s been a couple of years since we last had a record from Glaswegian prog rock outfit Atlas:Empire.

We’ve had our fun jamming Somnus on repeat again and again, but it was about time we got something fresh, hence why we were excited to hear that the band were putting out a new EP named The Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet Part 1 – For The Satellites (try saying that three times fast), and we are quite happy to say it has exceeded even our expectations.

Long Live The New Flesh enters with a warm, building intro before exploding into a high-octane rock number highlighted by fierce vocals and a blistering rhythm. Likewise, It’s All About The Reflexes brings us dynamic choruses with memorable hooks.

With the next track Hostess, the heavily bearded quintet dish out their trademark blend of intricate riffs, booming bass chords and pulsating drum work to an optimum degree, before capping off with In Case Of Darkest Timeline, a breath-taking 7 minute epic brimming with a grandiose atmosphere.

Atlas:Empire’s latest EP is a hell of an experience from the first note to the last, bursting with an energy that never ceases at any point. One of the definite Scottish rock records of the year, for sure.

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