REVIEW | Lights That Change: Starlight

This past summer, we were introduced to a fantastic trio from Wales named Lights That Change. Courtesy of their single Voices, we instantly fell in love with their brand of dream pop. And now, they’re back to provide us with more of the same via their latest tune, Starlight.

As always, the vocals are absolutely wonderful; enchanting harmonies that are delicate and mellow. The number features a swaying rhythm that is highly reminiscent of a waltz, and the writing is gripping, particularly during the chorus. In addition, the acoustic riffs are pleasing to the ears and the underlying bass lines are to die for.

As expected, the band’s newest offering is an endearing, soothing piece that is nothing short of amazing. We’ve made it clear before but we have to reiterate that these three deserve way more appreciation for their talents.

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