REVIEW | Coeur: Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Our favourite Scottish electronic rock duo Coeur are back, and seemingly better than ever. After impressing us with their debut record Activist, the lads have recently cranked out a new album titled Light At The End Of The Tunnel. And if you thought their previous release was good, then you’re in for something awfully entertaining with this one.

From the outset, the two deliver high-quality results with the excellent Love In Our Hometown which features an intoxicating beat that you can’t help but bop your head to. They continue to display their mighty fine new wave sound in the likes of the thrilling Entertain Me and the more restrained I Need You.

Every Drop Of Hope certainly demonstrates the best vocals on the record, and the synths in Ceasefire and British Empire are simply brilliant, allowing for some really catchy rhythms.

A deep, powerful ambience envelopes Chambermaid, which also brings us great writing and a smashing chorus. Soon, they cap off the album with a few more quick, endearing tracks in the form of BacktrackYou Are The Puzzle and Old Life.

The pair have done it again. Another cracking release from a band who surely rank among the best of their genre that Scotland has to offer at the moment. They have continued to improve and top themselves with each passing day, and they have more than enough potential to have their name in lights.

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