REVIEW | Aleks Grey: Souls

Originally hailing from Norway, Aleks Grey upped sticks and moved to Liverpool in the hopes of establishing a name for himself, and he hasn’t done a bad job so far, with his singles garnering international airplay and acclaim from reviewers.

His current goal in mind is to make his first big impact with his upcoming debut EP, Souls, and based on what we’ve heard, that will surely be a certainty.

Feel Alive is a thrilling opener where we get our first taste of Aleks’ sharp, well-pitched vocals; a quality that is consistently present throughout the rest of the record, including the intoxicating Unstoppable, which features a stirring melody and great backing riffs.

House begins as a calm, smooth number before launching into an impassioned chorus that displays fantastic writing. Save Me is a wonderful gentle tune where Aleks sucks in the listener with his captivating lyrics and enticing harmonies, accompanied with some lovely piano work.

And soon, we finish the same way we started, as he provides an exciting finale with the blistering Storm.

Aleks has delivered something nothing short of special with this one; an impressive EP that showcases his musicial abilities perfectly to a tee, and one that justifies the hype that precedes him. No need to sign up for The X Factor for this gentleman, as he is more than capable and talented enough to break out on his own accord.

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