REVIEW | The Cut Throat Razors: Motown’s Lost It Soul

Sometimes you just need to take a break from the throng of rock and metal bands in the Scottish scene and search for something new. That’s where ska outfit The Cut Throat Razors come into the picture.

It’s a genre we’ve not often tackled, but having experienced their upcoming EP – Motown’s Lost Its Soul – it’s one that we need to explore more indeed, for we could have the opportunity to discover more fun-filled groups like these guys.

The opening title track is a guaranteed hook-in, with it’s immensely funky rhythm and intoxicating guitar stylings, but the highlight of the record comes in the form of Lose My Mind, due to the enjoyable synths and top-notch lyrical work.

She’s My Baby brings us a memorable brass section, before the very catchy A Beautiful Day sends us out with one last big hurrah.

An awfully entertaining EP from an equally entertaining entourage that provide us with a spiffing collection of four tunes formed from a strong blend of soul, blues and a little hint of jazz.

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