REVIEW | Sithu Aye: Senpai

The Senpai EP. So yeah, on the surface this looks a tad silly. I mean, who in their right mind would combine djent with anime? Well, if there’s one man that could pull this feat of merging two polar opposites off, it’s Glasgow progressive metal artist Sithu Aye, and what do you know, he miraculously accomplished just that.

Oh Shit, I’m Late For School is an upbeat opener, where Sithu demonstrates his trademark high-quality guitar skills in conjunction with J-pop inspired synths, and they actually make for a surprisingly effective combo.

He steps it up further with the very addictive Senpai, Please Notice Me; as the tempo escalates, he dishes out a range of red-hot, energetic riffs.

As the track ends, we get a nice, slow piano piece, before heavy bass tones signal the final tune – The Power Of Love And Friendship – which serves as a really rocking finale with a dynamic rhythm, spirited melody and a brisk back-and-forth pace.

A curious musical experiment that should have been doomed from the start turned out to be something pretty damn good in the end, but hey, it only goes to prove why Sithu Aye is among the finest of his genre that the UK has to offer.

A much welcome addition to his already impressive library of work.

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