REVIEW | Emma Nuelle: Mermaid

We’ve covered many solo artists on this blog, but Emma Nuelle undoubtedly stands out with her self-proclaimed brand of “sexy disco pop”. She certainly brings something a little fresh to the table, and her new single Mermaid showcases perfectly what she has to offer.

Smooth, transcendent harmonies are at the fore front of what is a catchy number that presents a modern, new age take on old school dance music through the cool guitar work and sublime electronics.

It’s also worth giving the B-side, Honey, a look too, being the tune that led us to discover Emma in the first place. It features an addictive beat with a seductive undertone, but most notable are the memorable lyrics that are so evocative it would assuredly have George Takei proclaiming “oh my!”

But in seriousness, both tracks are fantastic; doing great in reflecting the talents of an aspiring musician blooming with potential, whilst satisfying the thirst of those who crave something different.

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