REVIEW | Sacre Noir: Listen To Me

We’ve been pretty big fans of Edinburgh dark electronica band Sacre Noir since we covered their Sinking Into Darkness LP earlier this year. And now we have been given another reason to love them – their latest single Listen To Me.

In the span of just 2 minutes, the group present us with a ridiculously catchy tune with fantastic lyrics and a captivating rhythm that appears to have a subtle touch of old school blues. In addition, Carrie’s harmonies are stunning and the riffs are remarkable, only picking up with every passing moment. Nothing short of excellent.

We must also bring attention to the song’s music video, directed by Stephen Young of MeltedBettle. A blend of terrific cinematography and eerie imagery with a gothic edge make it a must-watch.

This ranks among the best work Sacre Noir has produced to date, and we can only expect more of the same from their upcoming new record.

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