REVIEW | Mountains Under Oceans: Man Is Not

It’s no secret that Mountains Under Oceans rank among the best metal acts in all of Scotland. They got us first hooked last year when we discovered their self-titled debut EP, and later caught them live at Bloc that summer, where they gave us a hell of a show.

Fast forward to the present day, they’ve at last cranked out a new record titled Man Is Not, and it is very clear that they’ve stepped up their already strong game with this one.

Renunciation starts calm, with nothing but the playing of gentle chords, before unleashing into a full-blown post-metal number with an addicting rhythm that sways back and forth between the two extremes. They make the transition into Presentiment, a more restrained tune which proceeds at a smooth pace while the underlying bass makes it’s presence felt.

But they waste no time laying on the heavy again with Encounter, which is driven by a blend of insane riffs and blistering drum work. The closing track Dereliction is beckoned by ambient tones, with the guitars entering the frame in time and soon letting loose with an explosive energy, before settling down once again before coming to a sudden halt that leaves the listener only wanting more.

If you want the finest proof of this band’s insane talents, you need not look further than this EP. A simply mind-blowing record displaying some of the best progressive music this side of the border. These guys deserve every bit of praise they get, and we would be very satisfied to see them win the SAMA award for Best Metal Act later this week…

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