REVIEW | Tenement Trail 2015

It’s that time of year again where Tenement TV bring us the annual Tenement Trail, an all-day multi-venue festival dedicated to exposing some of the finest up and coming talent from around the country.

Due to an unfortunate turn of events, we missed most of last year and only were able to get a little taste of it when we caught Vukovi at the ABC 2; mind you, that alone was still worth the price of admission.

But now with a clear schedule, we could finally relish in the full package that the festival had to offer and take up the opportunity to witness a variety of acts live for the first time ever. After a considerably late bus journey (thank you, First), we eventually arrived in Glasgow, got our wristband and made our way to Nice N Sleazy to kick off the day.

Evil Edison served as the perfect starter for ten. As the place gradually filled with people, they performed a bass-driven, rhythmic set of high energy rock tunes with vigorous riffs and smashing drum work, with the highlights being the two closing tunes: Sonic Death Monkey (the delightful working title) and Atom’s Bomb.

East Kilbride’s own Declan Welsh was up next, and he delivered an electric performance with catchy as hell numbers featuring captivating lyrics. He had a magnetic stage presence, as proved by the fact the overflowing crowd were in his hands from beginning to end. With many eyes and ears laid on him, the young singer-songwriter gave us something very special indeed, and undoubtedly the first blow-away show of the day.

Team Player provided a collection of really bouncy tracks with a mix of indie and pop rock. Impassioned vocals, splendid synths and upbeat melodies made these guys an awfully fun watch.

To wrap up our tenure in Sleazy’s we had The Amazons from south of the border, and their debut in Glasgow was a mighty fine one. An energetic set with a tight combination of crunching bass lines, rockus guitars and hard hitting drumming that thoroughly impressed everyone in attendance.

We soon upped sticks and headed to Broadcast to catch Our Future Glory. We orignally planned to see someone else around this time slot, but due to a line-up change we made the decision to go see these guys instead, and it quickly became clear it was the right choice. They delivered an out-of-this-world performance fueled with enthusiasm and the desire to give the paying public a good show; mission accomplished in that regard.

They supplied their catalogue of insanely catchy, addicting electro rock numbers that had us all bobbing our heads, and their presence on stage was unreal. It’s no wonder the trio are nominated for the SAMA in the electronic category, and we think they absolutely deserve to win the prize.

As the sun set on Sauchiehall Street, we journeyed to the ABC 2 for Pinact. This was the band we were most anticipating after we had quickly become a fan of theirs since they featured on The Curator Podcast, so expectations were high, and they did not disappoint in the slightest. They cut the chit-chat and wasted no time in dishing out a bunch of swift, raunchy punk songs, including some of our favourites off Stand Still And Rot such as Anxiety, Scars and Limbs. Topped off with a frantic energy that never ceased over the half hour they were permitted, it was awesome, plain and simple.

Now it was back to Broadcast for the homestretch, starting with the penultimate band WOMPS, who were just bloody brilliant. An intoxicating set highlighted by blistering riffs and a dynamic rhythm section, throwing out one eccentric number after another before building towards a fast and furious finale that left the crowd in a buzz once the smoke had cleared. So yeah, pretty fun on the whole.

After 8 long hours, it was time for Monogram to finish our day, and they did so in tremendous fashion, with a thrilling set of of tunes that blended smooth and atmospheric electronics with exciting, high-octane pop; the stand outs including Romance, Imagination and Anno. The vocal harmonies were on top form, the keyboards were excellent and frontman Liam’s banter was so bad you couldn’t help but love it.

A fantastic show to cap off what had been a superb first Tenement Trail experience for us. Every act we saw were really great and we got to meet plenty of new faces, whilst catching up with familiar ones. Huge credit to the Tenement TV team for going above and beyond to host such a memorable event within the city on a yearly basis. You can bet we’ll be back to do it all again in 2016!

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