REVIEW | Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5: These Are Not The Drugs

I think it’s easy to say there is no band in all of Scotland that stands out just as much as Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 do. From their outrageous live performances to their promotion of the peace-endorsing Yellow Movement, the SAMA-nominated group have made such an impact over the past half-decade.

And their latest musical offering, These Are Not The Drugs (You Are Looking For), exhibits exactly why these guys are so easy to love.

This delightful number brings us a combination of passionate vocals, top notch trumpet work, simple yet engaging riffs, their trademark brand of humorous and memorable writing, and the catchiest of rhythms which only escalates to a higher degree during the intoxicating chorus.

It’s simply splendid, but wait, there’s more! It would certainly be worth your time to check out the accompanying music video; a montage featuring the entourage performing to dancing crowds, a ritual lead by Craiglang’s resident barman Gavin Mitchell, and special guest appearances from the likes of Dougie of Mickey 9s, Mark from The Girobabies and Scunner’s very own Paul. The best 8 minutes you’ll have spent in quite a fair while.

If you’ve somehow not had the opportunity to discover this group of party animals, we’d say this single is a reasonable place to start. Peace, Love and Mustard!

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