REVIEW | Megalomatic: Hunt For The Midnight Sasquatch

There are few young bands in the Glasgow music scene as promising as Megalomatic. From a solid debut EP, to their thrilling live sets, to their overall professional attitude, they’ve done much to impress us from the beginning.

The guys are now set to release their first full-length record by the (wonderful) name of Hunt For The Midnight Sasquatch. And damn, were we taken aback at what we heard.

They fire out of the gates with Knees Crushed By An Electric Circus; opening with a kooky carnival theme before launching into a tune with a fittingly insane rhythm and memorable writing. They follow up with the lead single What An Uncomfortable Sentence, which makes an impact with the force of an erupting volcano.

Screeching tones mark the arrival of T-Rex’s Are In The Operating Room, a tune that delivers deliciously raunchy bass lines and resonates with an explosive, kinetic energy. Out of the blue, they take it down for the acoustic Progress I.

Within a few minutes, they make the transition into Johnny Doesn’t Drink (bonus points to the band if that is a Room reference), which builds and builds before the rigorous guitars make their presence felt, and it all only escalates with Progress II, the third and final chapter of this mini-marathon, where the melody grows more chaotic whilst showcasing the strong vocals and smash-mouth drumming.

There is a brief moment of refrain to give the listener a chance to breathe, before finishing off with imposing riffs. Finally they bring the pandemonium to a close with JLU: The Destroyer, which serves as a frenzied finale.

As a display of mighty fine progressive music, mixed with elements of old-school rock and sludge metal, this is a mind-blowing album that has quite frankly exceeded even our high expectations for it. Considering how still young and fresh these guys are, they are sure to only get better and develop further towards a certainly bright future ahead of them.

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