REVIEW | Christina Rotondo: Holy

From fronting the now-disbanded Searching Alaska, to gaining notable attention online for her variety of superb covers, Christina Rotondo has certainly made a name for herself.

After spending the past year or so pursuing various projects, she is now set to release her debut single, Holy. It’s safe to say we have been anxiously waiting for this for some time now, and luckily she has delivered on the goods.

What she brings us is something incredible. The track begins really calm, with the little instrumental that is present creating a chilling atmosphere. Christina’s vocals are really strong and demanding, crisp clear and pitch perfect, and she uses this power to her advantage; drawing in the listening audience and having them hooked onto every solitary lyric of a tune that features potent writing, telling the emotional story of a life that is crumbling apart, and all of this combined builds and escalates towards a thrilling climax.

An impressive debut from one of the best solo talents the UK has to offer at the moment. Here’s hoping this is just the beginning of many good things to come for her.

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