REVIEW | Press To Meco: Good Intent

What can be said about London rock band Press To Meco that hasn’t already been said? Over their tenure, the trio have grown into one of the finest rock acts in all of the UK.

From their debut record Affinity – one of our all-time favourite EPs, by the way – to playing many major shows across the country, they’ve built quite the repertoire of successes.

And now, they prepare for the next chapter of their story as they are set to release their first ever full-length album: Good Intent. Considering the sheer quality of their previous EP, we were wondering how the hell could they top it? Well as a matter of fact, they did, and then some.

They kick off the record with Family Ties, an explosive track with insanely catchy lyrics; quickly firing into Diffusion of Responsiblity afterwards, which is a high-adrenaline piece personified by a frantic, in-your-face rhythm.

The main single Means To An End brings us some tasty riffs, soon leading into Autopsy which starts gentle before launching into an impassioned chorus.

The band excel in the guitar and drumming department with Manipulate, showcase the best of their writing in Apprehension and deliver a fast-paced, bass-driven tune in the form of Ghost.

In among all the new material, the guys treat us to some new mixes of old classics; namely Tired Bones, the Breaking Bad-influenced Honestly and the mighty Affinity.

In time, they take it down for their final number, Sacred Ground, eventually building their way up to a spectacular climax that brings the record to the close.

A truly outstanding album in every sense of the word that has truly cemented Press To Meco as one of the definitive acts in all of British rock.

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