REVIEW | Return To The Sun: ElevenFiftySeven

On this blog, we’ve went on and on about Edinburgh rock band Return To The Sun many a time, but can you blame us? They’ve remained one of the most consistent acts in all of Scotland since their debut; releasing a great EP titled Eskimo Bones and a variety of singles such as 501Freakshow and Haze.

And soon, they are set to mark the next step of their evolution with a brand new, loose concept EP called ElevenFiftySeven, and it’s safe to say this is one that will be absolutely worth everybody’s time and money.

Static serves as a thunderous, high-velocity opener that is sure to get anyone pumped up in an instant. Waiting To Arrive starts off calm and relaxed before kicking off into an energetic, catchy chorus.

Electrical Bugs is, fittingly enough, an electric number with a jumping rhythm and memorable lyrics; followed up by Velvet Sky which is highlighted by fantastic writing, in addition to smashing riffs and bass lines.

They soon conclude with Until I Fall Asleep, a soft, mostly acoustic tune that is simply incredible, bringing an end to what is undoubtedly among the best records to come out of Scotland this year.

It’s amazing how these guys have an ability to develop and only get better and better with time. These guys haven’t been signed to a major record label yet, how exactly?

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