REVIEW | New York Tourists: Call

Blackburn alternative rock band New York Tourists have really been making the rounds since their debut. From releasing a pair of successful EPs, to supporting the legendary Status Quo in front of 12,000 people, they have achieved quite the number of accolades in their time.

Currently, the guys are working on their first ever full-length album, and I’ve been presented the first offering from the record in the form of a single titled Call, where there are lots of positive qualities to be had.

The bass lines are fantastic and really lend to the catchiness of the song, especially in conjunction with the dynamic drumming. The riffs are also great and the vocals are top notch, particularly when hitting the high notes.

Add an excellent chorus for good measure, and what you have is a superb, unforgettable tune that only gets better with every listen.

If this single is anything to go by, then we can only expect something pretty amazing with their forthcoming album…

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