REVIEW | Utoxator: Songs From The City, Tales Of Our Sea

It has been quite the long journey for Leeds melodic punk rock band Utoxator since their formation way back in 2003. They’ve released a few records, toured all over the country and recently signed to LMC Records. And it’s all come to a head with a new EP entitled Songs From The City, Tales Of Our Sea.

Rise And Shine provides an energetic intro to the record; The Seas Will Rise following suit with a combination of ferocious vocals and blistering riffs. A hammering drum beat embodies Golden Opportunity, whilst Work In Progress is highlighted by a catchy chorus.

Ending on the forcible If It’s All About The Destination, this is a dynamic EP with an electricity that never ceases over it’s course. Being my first opportunity to experience this band, I’m very impressed with their ability, which certainly cements their reputation and longevity.

Here’s to many more years of cranking out some mighty fine tunes.

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