REVIEW | Indigo Velvet: Blue

I was first introduced to Edinburgh tropical pop outfit Indigo Velvet at the start of the year when they played King Tuts as part of the 2015 New Years Revolution. I was there to see other bands but as always, I’m happy to discover new acts.

And quite frankly, they were very entertaining and they got the crowd dancing, in particular a slightly intoxicated middle-aged member of the audience pumping his arms to the rhythm of every song.

And just like that, in the space of half an hour, I was hooked. Fast forward many months later, the guys recently put out a new single by the name of Blue.

It is quite an amusing tune highlighted by simple yet really addictive guitar riffs, enjoyable lyrics and a catchy beat, in addition to featuring a section kicking off around the 2:30 mark with a very African-esque sound to it which only adds to the charm of it.

Overall, a wonderful number that has me hitting the play button again and again, reminding me why I became a fan of the band in the first place.

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