REVIEW | Halo Tora: Omni\One

The wait has been long. Expectations have been high. But at last, Glasgow rock band Halo Tora have brought out their debut full-length album, entitled Omni\One. And after all the build-up and hype leading up to it’s release, we’re happy to say that they have delivered something awfully special with this one.

After a smooth intro piece, the lead single Permanent Revolutions kicks off the proceedings. Beginning slow and calm before building into a blistering tune, it serves as the perfect starter for ten, and from then on the record never loses steam.

The established momentum continues through an array of grandiose numbers such as RuinsTonight and Age Of Terror, which all feature a strong combination of complex riffs, slick vocal harmonies, engaging rhythms, captivating writing and breathtaking choruses.

The band also throw in a batch of their classics, including The Bones That Rock The Cradle, Needles and Under The Surface, with the latter being the undisputed highlight of the album; progressive rock at it’s absolute best.

With the title track providing a luxurious climax, Halo Tora’s first full-length record is simply phenomenal. The effort and intricacy put into this product is nothing short of staggering, and there is very little flaws of note, with every single tune just as great and gripping as the last.

With Omni\One, the band have solidified themselves as one of the finest in all of Scotland, and it’s about time these guys got their big break.

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