REVIEW | My Cruel Goro (Self-Titled EP)

Co-hailing from Italy and Iceland, alternative rock trio My Cruel Goro have been looking to make an impact with their recently released self-titled debut EP, and did they ever.

Clash is a high-octane, energetic opener featuring enjoyable lyrics and cracking riffs that are guaranteed to get anyone banging their head. They quickly follow up with Crapford, which delivers a great chorus and is pretty heavy on the bass work.

In no time at all, they finish with Glue Buzz which is nothing short of awesome, being a ridiculously catchy tune with a dynamic, off-the-wall rhythm that leaves the listener breathless by the end.

Simply put, this record is quite a mad rush; a musical thrill ride that will certainly be listened to again and again. Without a doubt, one of the most exciting new acts to emerge from Europe this year.

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