REVIEW | Zurich: Small Wars

Recently, I was introduced to Oxford rock band Zurich, who are set to release their debut EP, Small Wars, later on this month. And after giving it a spin, I was glad to have been made aware of these guys.

They get the ball rolling with Chemical, a fantastic tune with a strong chorus; soon shifting focus over to the lead single Alone which features a catchy drum beat, sweet bass lines and terrific vocals, in addition to memorable lyrics.

They follow up with the spectacular title track that is accentuated by a powerful combination of acoustics, pianos and strings. In the same vain, Invisible Man is a really warm, heavily ambient number where the guitar work and electronics really shine through.

Delivering an entertaining finale in the form of Menace, this is an outstanding record from start to finish that truly brings to light a talented trio with a tight chemistry and incredible musicianship.

If this EP is any indication, Zurich can easily go on to become a major fixture in the UK music scene in the years to come.

Small Wars is released on Monday 21st September, and is available to pre-order on iTunes and Bandcamp now.

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