REVIEW | Armstrong (Self-Titled EP)

There have been a lot of rumblings about Glasgow indie-rock band Armstrong, very positive ones in fact. And after having been given the opportunity to experience their self-titled debut EP, I can see why.

Thursday Night Club serves as an incredible opening track that has no difficulty whatsoever hooking in the listener with exceptional vocals, rocking riffs and a thrilling chorus; following up with Just Cause, a rhythmic tune with an enticing melody and memorable writing from start to finish.

They take it down a touch for Bend. Buckle. Break, before wrapping up with You’re Not Alone, a great number that slowly builds towards a blistering finale.

Armstrong have made one hell of a first impression with the archetype of a debut record done right. This is an excellent showcase for a group of obviously talented musicians who each bring their own qualities to every track; Thursday Night Club in particular will certainly rank among the best Scottish tracks of the year.

There is very little doubt that these guys have a big future ahead of them, as they are set to become one of the hottest new bands in the Scottish scene.

The self-titled record will be released on Monday 28th September 2015.

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