REVIEW | Begin Again: Everything Is Changing

Californian pop punk trio Begin Again made a fantastic first impression this past June with their debut single, and since then we have been left waiting in anticipation for the Everything Is Changing EP. The band had apparently put their heart and soul into this record, and judging by the final result, that aspect is very clear.

I Was Nvr Yr Grlfrn is an exciting opener with excellent vocals, great riffs and a very catchy melody. Pop Punk’s Dead You’re Next cranks up the dial in style, being a really energetic, pumped up number that is accentuated by hard hitting drum work, before finishing up with Cali’s Worst Dancers Pt 2, a really good acoustic tune with potent lyrics.

Expectations were high for this EP, and the group have delivered something special with their inaugural record, and we can not be any happier about that fact. Expect them to make a big impact on the pop punk scene in the following months to come.

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