REVIEW | Century Thirteen: Too Heavy For Harrison Ford

Century Thirteen have been making plenty of waves in the Glaswegian pop punk scene since their debut not too long ago. They made quite the first impression with their inaugural EP, Sunshine, last year. Recently they brought out a new one entitled Too Heavy For Harrison Ford, and they’ve certainly topped themselves with this one.

Ambition is a quick-paced opener with solid vocals and a really memorable chorus; the latter trait noticeably continuing as a trend throughout the rest of the tracks, including Eat Your Own Words which features enjoyable riffs, and the fast and furious Fake. Soon the record wraps up with Too Much, highlighted by a relentless rhythm and rapid drumming.

On the whole, it is pop punk that is simple yet effective and highly entertaining, and clocking in at 10 minutes it’s short and to the point, but it sticks around long enough to make a notable impact.

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