REVIEW | Twin Heart: Ghosts

Since rising from the ashes of Mechanical Smile late last year, Kilmarnock alternative band Twin Heart have been quick to make their mark. Their debut single Failure Of Another provided quite the first impression, and recently they followed up with a new single by the name of Ghosts, and it’s safe to say this is among their strongest work to date.

A really catchy tune with an intoxicating melody and a tight combination of fantastic guitar work, sleek bass lines and strong drumming. Dawn’s vocals are excellent and crisp, backed up by equally great screams from Owen and Murray. And yet through the energetic rhythm, they are able to retain a somber tone through the unforgettable lyrical work; perfectly demonstrating their blend of rock and emo.

With all these qualities, there’s very little doubt that this ranks as one of the best Scottish tracks of the year, one that cements that Twin Heart are hear to stay, and if it’s to produce music to this standard, then we are more than grateful for that.

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