REVIEW | The Shout: Write-Delete-Repeat

Northern Ireland has produced a variety of really good bands; a class that pop rock outfit The Shout belong in, as evident from their latest record – Write-Delete-Repeat.

Wait For Me serves as a great intro track with it’s enjoyably memorable chorus, leading into the solid When We Were Young and afterwards On And On, which is buzzing with an energy fueled by rocking riffs.

The One may be the highlight of the EP; enticing with it’s bouncy, upbeat rhythm and really addictive melody, before following up with the equally fast-paced The Runaway and soon enough capping off with Where Do We Go From Here, an excellent acoustic piece that ends the EP on a very high note.

This is one we definitely recommend fans of pop rock to check out, for it’s certainly one of the better records to come out in the genre this year.

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