REVIEW | The Poetry Book: Young Martyrs

All the way from Madrid, Spain hails shoegaze duo The Poetry Book, who have presented us with an EP entitled Young Martyrs, and it’s happens to be really, really good.

Decay gets the listener settled in nicely, being a warm, riveting number with an enjoyable rhythm and faint distorted vocals which really add to the atmosphere. The title track follows and sticks out with a catchy drum beat.

Love Letter is undoubtedly the highlight of the EP, being a more bombastic and energised tune while still retaining the ambience; a theme that continues into A Last Ritual which features fantastic electronic work, before finishing with The Promise, a song personified by an eerie, haunting melody.

Mainland Europe has proved to be home to some of the best shoegaze music in all of the world today, and having produced a high quality record such as this, it’s clear The Poetry Book deserve more recognition for their talents.

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