REVIEW | Hayworth: A Process Of Letting Go

Since their formation in 2011, Aberdeen post-hardcore outfit Hayworth have never failed to impress with their musical abilities, growing into one of the finest bands to emerge from the north of Scotland. It’s been quite the long wait for these guys to produce a debut record, but at last it’s finally here – A Process Of Letting Go.

’91 gets the ball rolling nicely, with great vocals and a rocking chorus in a tune that only gets better as it progresses, soon leading into Voice Of Reason which is loaded with energy, courtesy of dynamic riffs and a potent rhythm; likewise with A Fool’s Throne.

After the lead single Can’t Do Right For Doing Wrong entertains us with it’s swift pace and memorable lyrics, the EP wraps up with Swan’s Song, an incredibly intense finale highlighted by rapid drum work.

As expected, the band have delivered with what is a really strong EP that makes the most of their abilities and solidifies the growing hype behind them. If they continue down this road whilst building upon their already well-established talents, you can bet these guys will get their big break sooner than later.

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