REVIEW | Seconds & JOYA (Split LP)

Courtesy of Soft Power Records, we have been presented with a split LP featuring a pair of bands from opposite ends of the country: Seconds from Glasgow, and JOYA from London.

Seconds are at the helm first and hook in the listener from the get go as they blast through an array of really exciting, dynamic new wave numbers such as Crawl Space, Break Hole and Bang To Rights. With fantastic vocal work, delightful riffs and ridiculously catchy rhythms, every tune hits it’s mark and it’s quite the challenge to resist hitting the replay button again and again after every listen.

JOYA soon take over with their entertaining blend of good old rock and roll featuring smooth harmonies, enjoyable guitar work, toe-tapping melodies and great writing; the highlights being AvenueRegale and Imagineering.

A high quality record that showcases two superb bands, each of whom provide an excellent display of their indisputable talents.

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