REVIEW | Final Days Society: Icebreaker

For nearly a decade now, post rock outfit Final Days Society have been making a big name for themselves in their home country of Sweden and beyond, having achieved success with two records among other accolades. Now the band have presented us with a new album entitled Icebreaker, and it is clear they have made the most of their talents here.

Drowner is a gentle, soothing opener that eases the listener in with tender vocals that help to accentuate the ambience, a theme that continues into Drifter which builds as it progresses to a satisfying climax.

The title track is a wonderful 10 minute intricate piece containing several tempo changes, jumping back and forth between being slow and soft, and loud and bombastic, with Overburdened Companions following afterwards to provide memorable writing and horn work. At Peace, At Last certainly stands out from the pack, being a more rocky number with great riffs and drumming.

With Debris to supply us with a riveting closure, this is a fantastic, highly polished record. The band have delivered an entertaining, tranquil listening experience that lingers in the mind long afterwards and encourages us to go back for more. Shoegaze at it’s absolutely finest.

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