REVIEW | Damn Teeth (Self-Titled Album)

Looking for some soothing music? Are you wanting to be entertained by relaxing songs that put the mind at ease? Well, you sure as hell aren’t getting that here, but if you’re looking for the opposite of all that, then Glasgow post-punk band Damn Teeth are just for you, as they get ready to release their debut album to the world.

The record provides a collection of 10 enjoyably ballistic tracks. Rubbed Out is an insane, high tempo introduction that gets the listener sucked into the madness early on, giving way to similarly relentless numbers such as Git MistAt A Remove and the lead single INDFINM, all of which are filled to the brim with berserk vocals, psychotic riffs and deranged rhythms.

Occasionally, they bring us a few slower, more restrained pieces such as Sick Receiver and Catface Supreme, which serve as breathers in between all the surrounding chaos.

On the whole, the band have presented one hell of a lunacy-crammed trip that’s so bizarrely insane, it’s hard not to love it.

The album will be released on Thursday 13th August, courtesy of Good Grief Records, and is available to pre-order now. The band are heading off on a UK tour in support of the record, and you can catch them at the following dates:

  • 23/07: Manchester – Kraak
  • 25/07 (Day): Sheffield – South Sea Live
  • 25/07 (Night): Liverpool – Next To Nowhere
  • 30/07: Bristol – Roll For The Soul
  • 31/07: London – The Unicorn
  • 01/08: Leeds – Chunk
  • 07/08: Aberdeen – The Blue Lamp
  • 13/08: Glasgow – Bloc (Album Launch!)

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