REVIEW | Eva Plays Dead: Sounds Of The Written Word

After 2 years of very hard work and much anticipation, Nottingham rock band Eva Plays Dead have presented us with a new record by the name of Sounds Of The Written Word. But does it deliver on the goods?

The group wastes little time with Live Again, a dynamic opener that is in your face with it’s vigorous rhythm, which is quickly followed by Bad Girl, a solid tune that showcases Tiggy’s incredible vocal capabilities at their very best.

The lead single Wonderland is a seriously brilliant number that is catchy as all hell, being defined by a rocking melody, fantastic chorus and ridiculously memorable lyrics; without a doubt, the highlight of the record and their best tune to date.

The fast tempo We Ain’t A Family displays high quality riffs, before leading into 1950’s Woman, which serves as an enjoyable conclusion that features excellent drum work.

While the variety in the sound is a little lacking, this is nonetheless an entertaining EP that is a worthy follow-up to Guilt Trips & Sins. The effort put into this record is very clear and they have certainly made the most of their musical talents.

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