REVIEW | Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 – King Tuts Summer Nights 2015

In the second of 4 shows as part of the King Tuts Summer Nights, I would finally be getting the opportunity to see Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 for the first time. Fresh off the Mickey 9s gig from the night before, I was still in a buzz and was in the mood to party down again with another capacity crowd.

Sea Bass Kid provided a cracking opening set, with the band being very active on stage delivering tunes with bouncy rhythms and superb trumpet work that caught the attention of all those filing in; they even had people dancing from the off set. A great way to kick off the show which warmed up the crowd nicely and got them buzzing.

With the venue now packed, Victorian Trout Conspiracy took to the stage, and they were utterly brilliant. The whole collective was on fire from start to finish; in particular, the brass section were excellent, the keyboard work was fantastic and the drumming was top notch, all of which getting the audience to boogie down so hard I felt the floorboards shaking at my feet. I had heard so much about this band for ages, and I’m happy to say they lived up to the hype big time.

At last, Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 made their presence felt, and credit to them for all being able to squeeze onto the stage. Right from the first note of International Sex Hero, John and the rest of the band had the people in their control as they led them on a magical, spellbinding party which had everyone going wild in unison.

They played an array of wondrous numbers, with the highlights including Gay Icon, How Many Manys and Capturado. We bore witness to a dance off – a first for me at a local gig – and I got to experience the beauty of Cross The Road. On top of that, their new tune Country As F*ck was superb.

On the whole, an amazing performance where The Yellow Movement made their mark at the prestigious Tuts in the best way possible. I look forward to partying hard with the guys again in the future.

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