REVIEW | Mickey 9s – King Tuts Summer Nights 2015

In the first of four shows I would be attending as part of the King Tuts Summer Nights 2015, was a line-up headlined by the magnificent Mickey 9s. Having been a big fan of the band since I first laid eyes on them in January and really enjoying their recently released debut album The Party Manifesto, I was hyped for this one. I hadn’t seen or listened to the other bands playing beforehand, so I was also looking forward to discovering some new talent. Little did I know, I would be getting way more than what I bargained for…

Scunner got the party started in style with a very entertaining opening set that captured the sold out crowd’s attention; not just because of frontman Paul donning face paint, a mighty twirly moustache and the flashiest of flashy suits, but with a range of quirky tunes featuring eccentric rhythms including Downfall, The Greatest Man On Earth and Kinky Town. The perfect warm up for the madness that was about to ensue.

Memory Man kept the proceedings going with an enjoyable set of their own that impressed with solid vocals, energetic drumming and superb riffs. While not as insane as the rest of the bill, the band still provided some fine musical entertainment that received a warm reaction and made a good first impression on myself, a first time listener of the band.

There was a real buzz in the air as we moved into the second half of the show and Jamie & Shoony were ready to take to the stage, and holy mother of God, were they so bloody brilliant. From start to finish, they had the entire audience in a ballistic frenzy that included a tonne of bouncing, clapping and singing along; nothing short of controlled chaos, to put it lightly.

The band were all on top form, with Shoony in particular getting a lot of love thrown in his direction. With tunes like Settle Down, Who Are You and Anyway, they kept the crowd fired up throughout, with the highlight undoubtedly being the moment they got everyone on the ground and jumping up high. What else can I say? It was quite the epic experience.

After one last little breather, it was Mickey 9s‘ time to shine. The question was: could they get the people going one last time? Damn right, they could, for the chaos only escalated as the crowd went even more bonkers while the band delivered an off the wall, dynamic set too groovy for even Bruce Campbell to handle. Masked vocalist Dougie was loaded with energy and made the stage his own, being backed up by the rest of the guys who dished out glorious riffs, funky drum work and the sexiest bass lines this side of the border.

They performed the best tracks from their debut album including Ammunition, Mickey 999, Psycho Control and Find A Thing, in addition to throwing out some newer material like Silence Is Violence and Ode To The Soundhouse. With everybody going off their nut, sweat flying in all directions and a painting of Christopher Walken going crowd surfing, it was simply phenomenal. How the roof of the venue wasn’t just blown right off there and then, I will never know.

Despite my feet killing me and being utterly knackered in general, I willed myself downstairs to catch The Van T’s in the bar. With a great set that brought us the likes of Growler, Daisy and Fun Garcon, it was a fantastic way to cap off one hell of an electrifying show that featured two of the best live performances I have seen all year.

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