REVIEW | F O E S: Antecedence

It’s been a long, hard wait. But at last, Liverpool band F.O.E.S – one of the finest progressive rock bands in all of the UK – have finally treated us to Antecedence, the follow-up to their incredible Ophir EP from last year. And won’t you believe it, they have went and outdone themselves with this one.

Rival Thrones serves as a rip roaring opener that treats us with a combination of great riffs and vocals, a fantastic rhythm and a really catchy chorus; soon leading into Crown Antler which displays more of the band’s trademark complexities, especially in the guitar department, in addition to featuring a rocking drum beat.

They then bring it down to provide a more gentle tune in the form of El Punumbra that leans more on the ambient side, before suddenly cranking up the dial again with the explosive This Is Kingdom Come, a high velocity track with very memorable lyrics that is undoubtedly the highlight of the EP.

Capping off with the awe-inspiring No Sleepers Verse, this is a spectacular record that continues to showcase the band’s amazing, intricate abilities. Why these guys have not received major exposure for their talents yet is quite a mystery.

F.O.E.S head off on a UK tour with London rock trio Bad Sign next month:

  • 28/08: Southampton – Joiners
  • 29/08: Bridgend – Hobos
  • 30/08: Norwich – Owl Sanctuary
  • 01/09: Stoke – Tech Noir
  • 02/09: Glasgow – Nice N Sleazy
  • 03/09: Edinburgh – Mash House
  • 04/09: Sheffield – Corporation

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