REVIEW | Megalomatic’s 2nd Anniversary Show

For the past 2 years, Megalomatic have built themselves to become one of the hottest young bands in all of Glasgow. In that time, they have released the Plasmafia Conspiracy EP and played a variety of rocking shows, including a blockbuster headliner at Stereo last year that was featured on the Local Music Scene online series last year. With plenty of experience now behind them, could they deliver their best show to date in the very same venue?

Mantis Toboggan opened up the night with their first ever live performance. Going in, I had no idea what to expect from these guys; what we did get was nothing short of madness. The charismatic frontman owned the stage effortlessly (considering he was in pyjamas and donning a beige dressing gown, that is quite the achievement) and the combination of tasty riffs and groovy rhythms had the crowd bobbing their heads to every note.

Highlights included a song about the government, a number dedicated to Calvin and Hobbs and a memorable closing tune about Breaking Bad. Judging by the reaction they received, the guys put themselves on notice with a cracking start to the show.

Kilmarnock alternative rock band Twin Heart were up next. Rising from the ashes of one of my favourite Scottish bands, Mechanical Smile, I had been meaning to see these guys for ages but haven’t been able to for several reasons. However, I’m happy to say the long wait to finally see them paid off.

They played an exhilarating set that included Ghosts, Losing Trust and Failure Of Another, with great guitar work and pitch perfect vocals from Dawn (as well as an adorable cat top), slick bass lines from Owen and high velocity drumming from Murray. They kept the established momentum going strong and shown that they’ve only gotten better with time.

It was time for Peur all the way from Manchester to step up. I’ve only known these guys for a few months but they made me a fan very quickly with their two amazing EPs. Now I had the opportunity to witness them live in action, and they did not disappoint in the slightest.

They started strong with the likes of Anarchy and Empires, but when Explosions kicked in, the audience were sent into a moshing, sing-along frenzy that got them buzzing big time. With more numbers such as Hollow Skies and a rip-roaring new single, they were positively electrifying and had once again made their mark in the city of Glasgow.

At last, Megalomatic themselves took to the stage, and to answer the question from earlier: yes, it was in fact their best show to date with nothing short of a brilliant, blistering performance. The band’s presence on stage was incredible, as it was off stage when they (mostly Shaun, of course) decided to wander off into the crowd. The musicianship and chemistry they had established over the past couple of years was undeniable, as they worked as a tight unit from beginning to end.

The complex riffs, rocking bass and zealous drum work had everyone hooked and head banging like mad, all leading up to an incredible finale which featured one of the most immense pits I’ve seen at a local gig in a very long time. If there were any doubts Megalomatic have something special beforehand, they were brushed off with little hesitation after what was a top notch show. The wait for their debut album is going to be a killer…

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