REVIEW | The Colony: Time Of Wolves

I recently came across Stirling metal band The Colony while surfing Facebook and took the time to check them out via their latest single. Safe to say, I was very impressed with what I heard. By sheer coincidence, I was soon bestowed a copy of their upcoming new album, Time Of Wolves, to review.

Over the course of ten rocking tracks, they deliver a record filled to the brim with really enjoyable vocal stylings, superb riffs that reach their pinnacle during the outstanding solos, high-tempo rhythms and a range of catchy choruses, with notable highlights including the likes of Paradox Life, A Bitter Friend and New Horizons.

Admittedly, the bass is a little overpowering at times and it can be distracting, but it does little to take away from what is ultimately an electrifying album with a prominently intense energy that never ceases at any point, and I highly recommend those who have a liking for heavier music to pick it up as soon as it hits the digital shelves.

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