REVIEW | Six Time Champion – Nice N Sleazy | 9th July 2015

After a 2 month hiatus, it was about time for me to get back to gigs and experience the thrill of live music again, and what better way to do that than to catch a pair of very talented pop punk bands by the name of Six Time Champion and Homebound, who had both journeyed a far distance to seek new fans on the upper side of the border.

Northern Nightlights kicked off the show in zealous style, as they provided exciting riffs and drumming. It was my first opportunity to see their new vocalist Paul in action and he definitely made his presence felt, clearly being at the top of his game. They played some classics including Shout and Start Runnin’, a great Set Your Goals cover and a range of newer material that sounded really tight.

Capping off with Braindead, I feel this was their best performance to date, proving they are only getting better with time and that they seriously deserve way more attention.

Century Thirteen were up next and they delivered their trademark brand of upbeat, spirited tunes through the means of a fast paced set that never lost it’s fire. Highlights included the likes of the always popular That’s What She Said, Not My Place and the closing track Break. As always, a fun-filled performance from these guys.

Now it was time for the touring bands to step up; Homebound taking to the stage first. And boy, did they crank up the dial big time with a combo of hard-hitting drum beats, on point vocal work and enjoyable rhythms that had the growing crowd effortlessly hooked from start to finish. The band also presented a tasty preview of tracks from their upcoming Permanence EP, all of which were performed to a high standard.

Having never listened to or seen them live before, these guys made an excellent first impression, and judging from the reaction they received, it was obvious they had made a name for themselves here in Glasgow.

So did Six Time Champion follow suit? Damn right, they did. Immediately from the off set, they took the stage by storm with an energetic set that had the velocity levels off the chart. As a unit, they had an exceptional chemistry as they churned out a collection of numbers which all featured catchy melodies, slick guitar riffs and cool bass lines that retained the audience’s attention throughout.

Without a single dull moment, the guys delivered a superb show to cap off one of the most consistently strong pop punk shows that I’ve been to in the longest time which showcased some of the best of the genre that the UK has to offer.

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