REVIEW | I, The Entity: Foundations

As a music fan, first impressions are important, for it is more often than not decisive in whether I become a fan of a band, or I move on to look for something better. Luckily, Glasgow progressive metal band I, The Entity got the job done pretty well with their debut release, Foundations.

Fractures is a solid opener with decent riffs and drumming to boot, which quickly leads into the heavier, fast tempo Despondency, where the great scream work starts to really shine through.

But it doesn’t get any better than Rippled Sand; not only featuring the vocals at their very best, but a catchy tune with memorable lyrics that is capped off by a sick breakdown. The title track soon brings the record to an end by providing an adrenaline-fueled climax.

Many people have said a lot of positive things about this band, and it’s safe to say that this EP has done more than enough to justify those claims. A great debut from one of the fastest rising bands in the Glasgow metal scene, and I’m expecting nothing less than bigger and better things to come from these guys in the future.

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