REVIEW | Satellites: Soldier

For the past few months, Edinburgh pop rock band Satellites have kept us all waiting in anticipation for the release of their debut single, Soldier. Was the long wait worth it? I’d say yes, very much so.

Starting off with a nice piano piece, what we get is an energetic, buoyant tune that delivers crisp vocals which are on key throughout, slick riffs and a catchy melody, as well as a nice little enjoyable section of many “woahs” which makes this a perfect number for fans to sing along to at any given live situation.

People who bought the single off Bandcamp were also treated to an exclusive B-side titled Electric Blue, a potent number in it’s own right that shares many of the same positive qualities as the previous track, in addition to featuring an explosive, memorable chorus.

With this pair of captivating songs, the band have made the best of first impressions. Word is that the guys are already in the middle of producing their debut album. If it were to match the quality that these tunes have provided, then we are sure to have a fantastic record ahead of us.

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