REVIEW | Wozniak: Auster

I first discovered Edinburgh shoegaze band Wozniak via their single Five Star late last year, and I was pretty impressed with what I heard, thus they made a fan out of me. Recently, the guys put out their 2nd EP titled Auster, and they’ve done a more than great job meeting the high expectations I had for this record.

Snow Effect is a mesmirising ambient opener that sets the mood nicely with an atmospheric essence that is further accentuated by the faint, warm background vocals, before suddenly kicking up the tempo to bring us the more rocky and energetic Wings Of Pegasus.

Gospel Of Infinity is a solid number highlighted by some cool bass work, although admittedly it burns out in the last minute or so. But they pick it right back up with Hester + Zelda, an excellent closing tune that builds to an awesome climax.

With their stunning blend of post rock and dream pop, the band have really delivered with this EP, bringing us one of the most enjoyable records to emerge in the shoegaze category this year.

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