REVIEW | Sophie Rogers: Two Sides

If there’s one thing that is certain about Scottish music, it’s that we have produced some amazing singer-songwriters over the last decade, and I believe that Glasgow musician Sophie Rogers is somebody who deserves to be part of that long list, having experienced her debut record Two Sides.

Throughout, she proves her talent with fantastic vocal harmonies that are consistently on top form, great acoustic work and highly memorable writing. The album brings a fine selection of low tempo, mellow numbers such as The Way You Are, Unspoken and Try, in addition to a range of fantastic, more catchier tunes including the likes of the enjoyable Devil In The Detail, the short but sweet Drunk On Us and the excellent Safe Room; the latter featuring a superb hook that is impossible to not get stuck in your head.

On the whole, a strong inaugural release from a artist who is not only gifted, but is a good representation of the quality music that this country has to offer. With it’s variety of entertaining songs, it’s a safe bet I’ll be going back to give this record a spin very often.

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